From Jan Buchler, Board Member, Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

Thanks for a great job of facilitating this process, Mary. I have worked with many “strategic planners” over the past 30 years and appreciated that you coached the process without bias and were patient with bumps in the road and mid-course corrections.

From Indus, Illinois

Mary has coached me for several years through some tremendous life events, such as my son leaving for college, the building of our new dream home, the sudden death of my father, and the search for my dream job – which I found! She has been a tremendous help in my life and I couldn’t have accomplished my goals without her coaching, where she helped me to gain clarity and discover what I really wanted.

From MaryKay O’Donnell, Midwest Conservation Manager, Land Trust Alliance

We are grateful for Mary’s teaching and guidance to more than 50 land trust board members and professional staff. She provided an excellent primer on Organizational Life Cycles and answered questions with competence and an unparalleled depth of knowledge. Mary was open, willing to help in any way, and obviously has a broad base of experience and expertise to draw from. Thank you Mary for an outstanding training opportunity!

From Laura, Wisconsin

I want to thank Mary for her skilled coaching, which led me to a new job. I was really at a loss as to where I was heading, and her guidance led me in the right direction. I feel lucky to have the chance to work with her.

From Charly, United Kingdom

Mary is a tremendously kind, thoughtful and intelligent coach. Her coaching is a powerful mix of kindness and structured discussion. Mary provides a safe, compassionate space in which you can explore ideas freely and with love. I really valued the way in which Mary held onto the bigger picture for me, circling back to help me to see where we were going. Mary seems to have an ability to expand time! It was fantastic to experience how much ground could be covered in just thirty minutes of work together, and the rigor of the sessions taught me to express my thoughts more concisely and to come to sessions ready to run. I learned a huge amount from working with Mary and would recommend her to you if you are looking for an insightful, intelligent coach, who will hold you with kindness and not let you off the hook of your ambitions.

From Kate Rericha, Secretary, Board of Directors, Arts Wisconsin

We have profound thanks for Mary’s help in guiding us toward re-discovery, re-commitment and re-structured governance. If we are a forward-thinking and creative organization, we should dare to take steps into the unknown. Mary informs our journey. We look forward to a lasting relationship.

From Elisa, Ontario

Mary has played an integral role in guiding me on the path of living my life’s purpose. Her support over the past year has energized me to continue to take the steps in the direction of fulfillment and success in my business. I am now able to feel the importance of the work I do, and acknowledge the greatness within myself. It has been a beautiful experience that I am grateful for. Thank you Mary for always seeing my brilliance and my potential!

From Kirsten, California

I am extremely grateful that my work with Mary helped me clarify my priorities, my skills and my interest so that I could shift gears from self-employment to employment that brought me more security while still appealing to my interests so that I could focus on starting the family I always wanted. A huge thank you to Mary for her contribution in getting me to focus on my true goals and helping me acknowledge my abilities to get there, Mary was an integral part of this path we are now so grateful to be on.

From Doris, California

Working with Mary has been a great experience. While I didn’t always see the connection, she was able to tie everything I brought to the coaching sessions to a bigger picture.  Over the course of a few sessions she brought me to a place of profound understanding and desire to redesign my life and shift my priorities.  The work with Mary has allowed me to undergo a deep transformation that has caused me to fully step into my potential and carve a career path for myself which is no longer clouded with doubt and hesitation but fueled with passionate conviction.

From Julie Haugen, Institute Director, Impact Foundation, Fargo, ND

Mary was a project manager of a two-year, multi-faceted, statewide nonprofit capacity-building initiative we developed and implemented together.  Mary’s project management skills are second-to-none.  She excels at juggling numerous activities, organizing people and delivering high quality products on time with a positive attitude.  She is problem solver and a very clear communicator.  Mary is thorough, committed and delivers great customer service.  When you work with Mary you can be confident that the job will get done and it will be done right.

From Karen, Maryland

Being coached by Mary has been a life transforming experience. She began coaching me during a period of intense doubt and confusion. I needed to make a change in my life, but was unsure about how to take the first step. I left our first conversation with a renewed sense of purpose and abundant hope for the future. A year and a half later –  guided by her powerful questions and unwavering support – I have gained the courage to not only name my wildest dreams, but to put the steps into place to achieve them! Mary, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

From Kate Grant, Executive Director, The Fistula Foundation, San Jose, CA

Mary is masterful. She pushed and prodded,  not letting up, and gently grinding down the points of resistance.  I know without her pitch perfect performance we would never have gotten where we did.   It was indeed a watershed moment, without someone with her tenacity, wisdom, keen mind, and grace, we would not have gotten there.  This evolution in our board will eventually mean that we will be able to help more women in more places get life changing care. That is the difference Mary personally has made.  I will always be grateful.

From Salli Martyniak, CEO, Foward Community Investments, Madison, WI

Mary’s presentation was incredibly thought-provoking and spot-on.  Everyone loved her exercises and we made use of the results throughout the remainder of our “Think Week”.

From Holly, Colorado

I came into this exercise with an open mind and no goals, but a yearning for change.  With Mary I explored more of myself through the tasks set forth, and I am grateful.  She shared tools to hold me accountable to myself.  When I felt stuck in my progress, Mary had the expertise to painlessly continue the process and help me determine the next steps.  Although our journey is complete, I am sure I will look to Mary’s support for future goals in my life and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving themselves.

From Melinda, Canada

Having Mary as my coach was a life changing experience.  She provided me with an environment of trust that allowed me to discover areas that required growth and applauded my every step along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am forever grateful.

From Anna, California

I chose life coaching instead of therapy to help me figure out where I wanted my life to go next. This approach helped me clarify my passions and possibilities, and begin taking small steps toward changing areas of my life that needed attention.

Mary was enthusiastic and supportive. She was patient and encouraging, gently nudging me to keep working toward goals I was setting for myself. She had good ideas for useful and creative exercises to help me identify these goals and address obstacles preventing me from moving forward. I really appreciated her openness and flexibility. I think she would be effective working with different people in a variety of life situations.

From Sue, California

I used Mary for some highly specific, short-term coaching for my business and she was great. She listened carefully, helped me to focus on exactly what I needed and then followed-up when she said she would to see if I was taking action. In a very quick period of time, I’d gotten over a hurdle that had hung me up for a long time. Mission accomplished!

I’d recommend Mary to anyone who is serious about achieving their goals.

From James, Minnesota

I engaged Mary to assist me in creating a strategy to promote my success within my professional life.  For years I have reported to a manager that was more threatened by my good performance than supportive and had little or no professional background in the area that I work.  I was actively discouraged from seeking more responsibility within my role and reprimanded for asking his superiors for support on issues that he was unfamiliar.  Under Mary’s guidance I was able to recognize the talents that I bring to my organization and assemble a successful strategy for my advancement that was beneficial to the organization and to me.  I couldn’t have made this bold move without Mary’s support.

From Joy, California

This was my first experience working with a life coach. I found it to be extremely beneficial—somewhat because of the timing and challenges I was facing when I started—but think it could be beneficial no matter what’s going on in my life. The questions Mary asked helped me to deepen the discovery of what motivates me and what I want in life. I found Mary to be intuitive, compassionate, and a good listener, while pushing me just enough to continue on my journey of exploration.

From Kimberlee, California

With Mary’s help, my goals became attainable, my values clear and my relationships more balanced. Through interesting exercises and energized analysis, we worked together to target areas of improvement. I feel that I have come away with more confidence and deeper understanding.

From Nancy, Pennsylvania

Mary is an unparalleled ‘cheerleader’ for helping find one’s own voice and envisioning one’s own dreams and the strategies for getting there. Her optimism is contagious.