Coaching Offerings

What wave are you riding? There is a sea of coaches in the world so it is important to find a coach that is riding the same wave that you are.

Coaching can happen in the context of your personal or professional life. Nothing is off limits. You choose what area you want to explore, whether you need coaching in your life or your career.

Mary coaches leaders in the nonprofit and corporate sector, domestically and internationally. The thread that weaves through all of her coaching clients is the passion to make a difference in the world in whatever way that unfolds.

Leadership Coaching

You are a leader and it is a matter of discovering and uncovering that leadership within yourself. Every profession has tools critical to success. Car mechanics have socket wrenches, artists have paint brushes. As a leader, your tool is yourself. To be a successfu leader, you must share your gifts and build capacity in your shadow areas. In leadership coaching you will:

  • Identify and celebrate your gifts
  • Create a plan to build your capacity
  • Build new leadership skills
  • Manage stress
  • Navigate conflict and change
  • Foster open, honest communication
  • Develop the people around you

Career Coaching

You can have the dream job that you want. When you have it, you contribute more to the workplace and to the world.  A coach helps you identify your true passion and aspirations for your career. You will:

  • Align your career goals and your values
  • Explore career possibilities that excite you
  • Develop various career scenarios
  • Establish an action plan
  • Tap into your resources to achieve your goals

Life Coaching

In a culture of “distraction and doing” where are you going? Where do you find meaning and purpose? Working with a coach provides you professional support, a sounding board, a place to reconnect with your purpose and find fun and energy in all areas of your life including: health, family, friends, recreation, money, career, personal growth, and romance. The process can assist you to close the doors to what no longer serve you and open new doors to possibility so you can reach your ultimate vision.  Work toward a life with no regrets at the end of this wild ride. In life coaching you will:

  • Clarify your values and vision
  • Navigate life and career decisions
  • Create the balance between work and life that you want
  • Tap into your individual creativity
  • Establish a relationship with money that aligns with your values
  • Identify practices to maintain health, fun and recreation in your life

Which Coaching Package is Right for You?

Mary’s current promotions leverage the industry’s leading assessment tools and Vista Global’s field-tested process for results.  Contact Mary for your introductory assessment and find the coaching package that is right for you! Current offerings include:






Learn more about Mary’s coaching process and approach. Get started and contact Mary today for your introductory assessment.