EQ Coaching for High Performance Teams

Is your team in sync?  If not, this coaching package can help. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the single greatest predictor of success.  Let Vista Global help you assess your team’s EQ and boost performance.

VGCC-EQ-Coaching-forTeamsWhat can coaching do for you?

Kate, from California, says…

“Mary is masterful. She pushed and prodded,  not letting up, and gently grinding down the points of resistance.  I know without her pitch perfect performance we would never have gotten where we did.   It was indeed a watershed moment, without someone with her tenacity, wisdom, keen mind, and grace, we would not have gotten there…”

Invest in boosting your team’s EQ today.  Experience the benefits of over 7  hours of customized sessions in three months or less. Learn more about the Vista Global coaching process and contact Mary to get started!