StrengthsFinder Coaching for Leaders

Every leader has strengths.  What are yours?  Let Vista Global help you uncover and polish those gems.  Learn how to apply these resources directly to your leadership work and create an action plan for developing your strengths long after your last coaching session.

VGCC-Coaching-forExecsWhat can coaching do for you?

Julie, from California, says…

“Mary has been an invaluable champion during a critical period of change in my professional life.  She has provided insights, challenged my assumptions, pushed me to evaluate my choices thoroughly, and trust my intuition.  Having Mary as an ally during this chapter has allowed me to make a take a big leap professionally in a way that makes perfect sense for me, for my family, and for my professional goals.  Thank you!”

Invest in yourself today.  Experience the benefits of 5 hours of customized sessions in two months or less. Learn more about the Vista Global coaching process and contact Mary to get started!