Vista Global Coaching & Consulting offers consulting services in the areas of organizational capacity building, strategy development, leadership development, governance, and  facilitation & training.

Organizational Capacity Building

There are many definitions of capacity building suggested by practitioners who work with nonprofit organizations. Most definitions have several elements in common: they emphasize strengthening nonprofits and achieving sustainability; enabling nonprofits to achieve their mission is usually mentioned, along with increasing organizational effectiveness; and they identify specific areas of organizational capacity that should be addressed. The following definition captures the strengths of many definitions:

Capacity building focuses on improving the leadership, management and/or operation of an organization— the practices and systems that enable a nonprofit to define its mission, gather and manage relevant resources and, ultimately, produce the outcomes it seeks.

– The Capacity Building Challenge, Practice Matters: Improving Philanthropy Project

This occurs through your organization’s activities, such as leadership development, strategy development, program design and evaluation, board engagement, resource management, communications and operational system development.

The following framework builds on the work of many experts in the field of organizational capacity building and focuses on four building blocks of organizational effectiveness. Within these four areas there are many elements that contribute to your organization’s success.

Organizational Capacity Building Framework

Organizational Capacity Assessment

Take the first step with an assessment of your organization’s strengths and limitations within each building block. By starting with an assessment, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting will help you to identify areas to build capacity so you can lead your organization towards achieving greater impact. Whether the solutions are rooted in Organizational Strategy, Programmatic Strategy, Operational Strategy or Governance and Leadership, Vista Global has the knowledge and experience to be your trusted partner throughout the processto move your organization to the next level. Contact Vista Global today to learn more.