Facilitation & Training

You may just need someone outside your organization to a facilitate a meeting.  At Vista Global we are trained in a variety of meeting design and facilitation techniques to achieve your desired outcome.

With Vista Global you will access new tools to enhance your organization’s capacity and achieve greater impact. Choose from a variety of training topics for nonprofits or contact us for customized trainings to meet your unique needs. Below is a list of sample trainings:

Building A Leaderful Nonprofit Sector: What is Your Piece of the Puzzle?

In this 90-minute interactive seminar, explore approaches to strengthen leadership throughout the nonprofit sector, including executive leader development, emerging leader development, coaching and network leadership.  Common factors that contribute to success will be highlighted.  Actions that staff, board members and funders can play will be identified.

Building Leaderful Organizations: An Approach to Succession Planning

Explore three approaches to executive succession planning, additional strategies to strengthen leadership throughout the nonprofit sector in this 60-minute interactive presentation.  Learn how to approach executive transition as an opportunity instead of a challenge.  Calm the disruption caused by the departures of the Boomer generation and make the sector stronger moving forward.

Standing the Test of Time: Organizational Life Cycles

Learn the various stages on nonprofit organizational development and understand your nonprofit’s stage in order to help guide capacity-building efforts for long-term organizational health and stability in this 60-minute interactive presentation.

“It’s About People!” Your Human Capital is Your Competitive Advantage

Explore concepts of shared leadership, roles and responsibilities of leading and managing teams with this 60-minute webinar. You will gain insights on emotional intelligence, listening skills and learn what it takes to develop high functioning teams.

Using Coaching Skills to Build Staff Leadership

Build your coaching skills with this 90-minute interactive seminar. You will increase your effectiveness as a manager –learn the best approach to develop your staff to improve their job satisfaction and better serving your organization’s mission.

Project Management Made Easy

Gain a greater understanding of best practices in project management during this comprehensive six-hour workshop. You will learn how to recognize key risk factors to project management success and approaches to mitigate these risks. Leave with valuable tools and resources that will strengthen your project management skills.

Strategy Development in a Fast Changing Environment

Define and explore the value of strategy in the nonprofit context. In this hands-on five-hour workshop you will create a strategic framework for your organization based on your business model and unique competitive advantage.

Volunteer Management 101

Create a greater understanding of best practices in volunteer management. This four-hour workshop will include the latest research engaging younger generations as volunteers for your organization.

Developing a High Impact Board

Distinguish the complementary functions between governance and management. In this four-hour workshop you will learn to recognize the key responsibilities of nonprofit board of directors; understand how governance structure can be tailored to meet individual organization needs and cultivate the seven practices of high impact boards.

Becoming a High Impact Nonprofit

Understand the important difference between high impact and high performance. Learn the key characteristics and practices of high impact nonprofits in this four-hour workshop. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the impact of emerging trends on the nonprofit sector and explore the role advocacy has in greater organizational impact.

The Road to Higher Impact: Design, Measurement and Evaluation

Explore program design, measurement and evaluation in this four-hour workshop.  Learn the importance of identifying the ultimate impact desired in the community and data collection practices that enhance DME and capitalize on results.

High Impact Practices: Promoting People and Networks

Leverage the concepts of shared leadership through a four-hour workshop on talent management, volunteer engagement, succession planning, and the creation of a workplace that leverages the widest possible range of viewpoints, backgrounds and experiences as well as nurtures networks.

Nonprofit Executive Leadership: Leading and Managing for Success

Define the roles and responsibilities of both leading and managing nonprofits. In this five-hour workshop, you will explore emotional intelligence and listening skills and learn to craft shared vision and develop high functioning teams.

Managing Strategic Issues: The Leader’s Role

Explore the role of the leader in managing external issues such as competition, positioning, analyzing the program portfolio in light of external factors in this six-hour workshop.

Managing People: Managing for Success 

Learn best practices in supervision and motivational strategies. This six-hour workshop outlines the importance of modeling behavior the supervisor wants to see in staff.

Public Speaking and Being an Ambassador

Develop your public speaking skills and explore your role as a leader in motivating board and staff to become effective ambassadors in this six-hour workshop.

Looking for a different topic? Contact Vista Global to discuss your customized training options.