Vista Leadership Academy


Your leadership journey starts here. Vista Leadership Academy is the only cross-cultural, multi-generational leadership development experience that combines a virtual classroom model with a transformative leadership journey in Oaxaca.

Designed for professionals committed to social good, Academy participants learn the new skills required to spur innovation and impact today’s global community.

Start your journey today!  Read more about the Academy’s application requirements to get started.

About the Academy

Vista Leadership Academy is an innovative program that combines professional skill building, an international leadership journey, and a personalized leadership action plan. We envision a global community of creative, resilient, diverse and connected leaders who fully contribute their talents to making the world a better place.

The Program

Vista Leadership Academy includes four phases to guide you on your professional leadership journey and prepare you for your future. The program includes bi-weekly virtual classroom sessions combined with 3 personalized career coaching sessions.  The Academy is also limited to a small size to foster a learning community and intensive network.

Phase one consists of virtual classroom sessions. Phase two is a 7-day leadership retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico. Phase three finalizes the leadership action plan. Phase four is focused on taking the individual skills you’ve developed and applying them for your community’s social benefit.

How to Apply

Get started on your leadership journey today! Read the Academy’s FAQs and the Academy’s application requirementsApplications for 2017 are closed. We will be opening the application process in early 2018.

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