Board Governance

Your organization is only as healthy and effective as your board.

No matter how sound your management practices are and how dynamic your staff are, you are missing opportunities when your board is underperforming. Many nonprofit organizations fail to maximize the potential contributions their boards can make to advance their missions. This failure frustrates both board members and chief executives.

It does not have to be this way. You can build a better board and a better organization. Successful organizations are those that have learned how to mobilize a board, how to define its role productively, according to organizational needs and board members’ talents and interests, and how to produce results everyone can point to with pride.

Board building is not a simple one time activity, but is a continuous cycle of self-reflection and self-improvement. The board plays a significant role in determining the future vision and strategy for achieving the organization’s mission. A well selected, oriented, motivated and trained board will help an organization have greater community impact.

Nonprofit governance is an evolving field. Differing models have led to a range of practices within the sector. Whether you are looking to employ:

The common Board Source Governance model
The Carver Policy Governance Model
The Chait, Ryan, Taylor “Governance As Leadership” approach
The Alliance for Nonprofit Management Community-Engagement GovernanceTM Framework

Vista Global Coaching & Consulting can support your organization through various approaches in growing a board’s effectiveness. Board self-assessments, as well as a range of training and support modules are excellent learning processes to further board skills and cohesiveness. Contact Vista Global to learn which board governance consulting approaches are the best fit for your organization.