Winning Teams Have Great Coaching

Growing up a Bulls fan during the Michael Jordan-Phil Jackson era, I really understood the impact great coaching had on success.

Often leaders think of career coaching as a solo journey. But the most wildly successful teams learn to win with the help and guidance of a great coach.


Start with Your Team’s Strengths

So what makes a winning team? Discover and leverage your team’s greatest assets with coaching based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinders tool. Vista Global offers a unique coaching package for 4-member teams.  Imagine what you and your team could accomplish if you build on each team member’s strengths.

Excel with Emotional Intelligence

What’s the single greatest predictor of success? Emotional Intelligence or EQ.  Assess and expand your team’s EQ to overcome roadblocks and boost performance.  Vista Global’s coaching package to grow teams with high EQ is based on the proven TalentSmart assessment tool and includes over 7 hours of customized sessions.

Team Takeaways

With coaching designed for teams, you and your colleagues will gain valuable insights for setting goals and come away with a concrete plan of action. Your team will benefit from renewed focus on achieving success.  Read more about Vista Global’s coaching process and contact Mary to get started today!