Improve Leadership with Diversity and Cultural Intelligence

A recent blog in the Standford Social Innovation Review by Molly Brennan explores new research by Koya Leadership Partners and Education Pioneers, that finds diverse teams of varying racial and ethnic makeup produce better results.  A conclusion that many of us who specialize in leadership development have already witnessed anecdotally.

In the social sector, the importance of a nonprofit’s leadership team reflecting their constituency is more critical than ever. As Brennan points out, to succeed, nonprofits need to move past diversity statements stated in an organization’s list of values.  Nonprofits must start cultivating leadership teams that backup such statements.

Brennan continues in Five Ways to Build Diverse Inclusive Leadership Teams to outline concrete tactics that can greatly benefit organizations in both the private and social sectors.


Where is Home?

Cultural Intelligence begins with knowledge. It’s critical for you to know yourself, know others, and find a way to lead together. Vista Global offers workshops on Cultural Intelligence for you to:

1. Examine the trends that are driving the need for greater cultural intelligence

2. Define culture, cultural intelligence and map personal cultural identity

3. Recognize the cultural lenses through which you operate

By exploring the national ethnic and demographic trends impacting the social sector, as a workshop participant you’ll learn the foundational elements of cultural intelligence required to build a thriving organization.

Through building skills in self management, empathy and listening, you can build bridges to mutual understanding. Gain greater awareness of how to adjust behavior to interact with various cultures.  Contact Mary to schedule your organization’s workshop today.