3 Ways that Defining your Talents Will Help Build your Personal Brand

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I recently hosted a “sneak peek” webcast on the topic of personal values and strengths. This offered participants a window into the Vista Leadership Institute programs and the journey of crafting your next chapter.

We start with the broad question of “Who am I?” and “Where are my natural talents?” The CliftonStrengths assessment measures your natural talents from 34 themes and you arrive at the list of your “Top 5”.

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These top 5 natural talents or themes provide insight into your zone of genius. Knowing concretely where your talents lie allows you to claim your areas of strength and leverage other people’s talents for success.

So, while it’s interesting to discover you have a natural talent of “Learner”, how can you actually apply it in your everyday work and personal life? This great question came up in the webcast: “How do the Top 5 relate to personal brand?”

It might help to start with first answering what “personal brand” is. This topic has had increasing importance for female entrepreneurs as women have to self-define themselves in the world of gender stereotypes and leadership gap. There are two elements of personal brand-building. The outer elements: dress, manner of speaking, self-presentation and the inner elements: self-perception, a vision of the future, self-identification. It is in this inner arena that natural talents come into play.

  • Talents articulate the foundation of your authentic self
    Knowing your zone of genius gives you the confidence to say, “This is where I shine, and where I can add value to any project.”
  • Talents provide the language to tell your personal story
    With the language of your top 5 natural talents, you can communicate who you are when someone asks, “how do you describe yourself?”
  • Talents set you on the path of making a difference in the world
    The more aligned your work is with your talents, the greater impact you will have.

Whether you are interested in building your personal brand or not, understanding your natural talents provides the insight to design your personal and work lives to align with your zones of genius.

Gallup analysis reveals that people who use their strengths every day are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

Not only does strength-based alignment feel more fulfilling, it results in greater impact with your co-workers, teams, organization, and the world at large.

If you are at a crossroads, asking yourself, “what do I want to do next?” and you don’t know where to start… consider the Vista Leadership Mastermind Program.  We will support you to leverage your zone of genius in creating a plan for your next life chapter.

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