Do you ever feel like you’re operating on autopilot, trapped in patterns and habits that hold you back from being your best self? What if you had a powerful tool to gain deep self-awareness and break free from those limitations? Discover the power of the Enneagram with Vista Global this May.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram personality-type map offers an expansive journey into the nine core types of individuals and what internally motivates them. Discovering our type can provide realizations of the strengths we take for granted and the challenges that arise from over-utilizing particular strengths and strategies. It can provide insights into why people communicate differently and why they overemphasize thinking, feeling, or action at the expense of the other two types of intelligence. It offers understanding of different views of work/life success; how each type is activated, and the differing ways people react to tension and conflict.

Celebrate World Enneagram Day with Vista Global

In celebration of World Enneagram Day on May 25, Vista Global, founded by Mary Stelletello, is partnering with Jayson Morris, Founder of WITHINSIGHT Coaching, for a month-long exploration of the Enneagram. This framework can help you understand who you are, identify patterns, and unlock a life that’s more purposeful, effective, and fulfilling.

May 2024 Enneagram Program

Vista Global has planned a series of activities throughout May to help you discover and embrace the Enneagram:

      • May 8: Minutes with Mary & Jayson Episode 1 – Our Enneagram Journey & Introduction to the Tool
      • May 15: Minutes with Mary & Jayson Episode 2 – The Enneagram & Communication
      • May 21: Minutes with Mary & Jayson Episode 3 – The Enneagram & Navigating Conflict
      • May 22: 45-minute FREE Welcome to the Enneagram Webinar

Enneagram Personal Discovery Package

For a deeper dive, we are offering a special Enneagram Personal Discovery Package throughout May, including:

      • iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Assessment – A comprehensive assessment to identify your Enneagram type.
      • 45-minute Live Debrief & Coaching Session – A personalized session with Mary or Jayson to understand your results and discuss your growth path.
      • 75-minute Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop – A virtual workshop to learn about all 9 Enneagram types.

The package is available for $250, a 50% discount off the regular price!

Claim your spot today and start your journey toward greater self-awareness and improved relationships.