Mary’s approach to coaching is practical and pragmatic yet with an enthusiastic openness.  Coaching can be cheerleading and challenging at the same time.  Mary is certified with The Coaches Training Institute, and PCC credentialed with the International Coach Federation.   Mary has completed more than 500 hours of experiential training with master coaches.

Mary coaches individuals across all sectors, domestically and internationally. The thread that weaves through all of her coaching clients is the passion to make a difference in the world in whatever way that unfolds. She is experienced in using a variety of assessment tools including CliftonStrengths, Leadership Practice Inventory 360, and Emotional Intelligence TalentSmart assessment.

The most important factor for effective coaching is the relationship between the coach and the client.  There has to be a good “fit” for you to really go for your compelling purpose in work and life.  You can determine this fit in your complimentary introductory sample session with Mary. Based on your experience of that introductory session, you can choose which package is best.

Vista Global Coaching Process

Your investment in coaching produces specific goals and a renewed focus on achieving success. But how? What exactly do you get out of each coaching engagement?

The Vista Global Coaching process is grounded in a holistic result-oriented perspective. As your coach, Mary will help you define your needs, plot a course of action, and stay on track long after your initial coaching session.

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help at any stage of your career. Whether you are beginning your career, changing industries, re-entering the workforce, or transitioning to retirement, coaching helps align your career aspirations and your path forward. In career coaching, you will:

    • Align your career goals and your values
    • Develop various career scenarios or life beyond career
    • Establish an action plan
    • Tap into your resources to achieve your goals

 Leadership Coaching

You are a leader no matter what stage of your career. It is a matter of discovering and uncovering that leadership within yourself. Every profession has tools critical to success. Car mechanics have socket wrenches, artists have paint brushes. As a leader, your tool is yourself. To be a successful leader, you must share your gifts and build capacity in your shadow areas. In leadership coaching you will:

    • Identify and celebrate your gifts
    • Create a plan to build your capacity
    • Build new leadership skills
    • Manage stress
    • Navigate conflict and change
    • Foster open, honest communication
    • Develop the people around you

Personal Odyssey Tour

The Personal Odyssey Tour is a comprehensive program for individuals at a crossroad professionally, asking themselves “What do I want to do next?” It is a 6-month program combining virtual classes, coaching, and design-thinking principles. We convene twice per month through Zoom meetings, launching with an exploration of your natural talents through the CliftonStrengths assessment.  The program guides you through the design of the next chapter of your workview and lifeview using resources from the book, Designing Your Life. You will come away with a personal odyssey plan that maps out your path aligning with your strengths, values, and vision. Are you at a crossroad, not sure where to go next? Let’s chat to see if this is the right tour for you.