Facilitation and Training

Conversational Intelligence®: Tools for Courageous Conversations

Learn trust-building techniques to improve your conversational intelligence (C-IQ). In this workshop, we will talk through the conversation styles designed to teach how to move a conversation from “Me to We” using tools like the C-IQ Conversational Dashboard. 

Enhancing Team Performance with the Enneagram

To sustain a high-performing team requires alignment and attunement of individual team members. This workshop requires participants to complete the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment to identify their natural talents and core motivations to enhance team success. 

Facilitation Practices for Engaged and Inclusive Meetings

Being assigned to facilitate a meeting can be a daunting responsibility. Learn best practices in facilitation to lead a meeting that is inclusive and achieves results.

Using Coaching Skills to Build Staff Leadership

Build your coaching skills as a manager.  You will increase your effectiveness as a manager; learn the best approach to develop your staff to improve their job satisfaction and better achieve your organization’s mission.

Building Staff Leadership: Strengths and Team Development

Leadership in the 21st century requires leveraging the best in individuals and teams.  This workshop has all participants complete the CliftonStrengths assessment to explore how their natural talents complement other team members. It also looks at the stages of team development and what contributes to a winning team. 

What is Your CQ? Cultural Intelligence & Cultural Competence

Before an organization can effectively develop strategies for appealing to and retaining diverse talent, it needs to examine its own cultural awareness, which starts at the personal level.  Participants will map their own cultural identity and explore the cultural values orientations of various cultures to gain greater awareness of how to adjust behavior to interact with various cultures. 

Project Management Made Easy

Gain a greater understanding of best practices in project management to support any organizational transformation process. You will learn how to recognize key risk factors to project management success and approaches to mitigate these risks. Leave with valuable tools and resources that will strengthen your project management skills.

Building Leaderful Organizations: An Approach to Succession Planning

Explore three approaches to executive succession planning, and additional strategies to strengthen leadership throughout the nonprofit sector. Learn how to approach executive transition as an opportunity instead of a challenge.  Calm the disruption caused by the departures of the Boomer generation and make the sector stronger moving forward.

Developing a High Impact Board

Distinguish the complementary functions between governance and management. In this workshop you will learn to recognize the key responsibilities of nonprofit board of directors; understand how governance structure can be tailored to meet individual organization needs and cultivate the seven practices of high impact boards.

Nonprofit Mergers & Strategic Partnerships: Is Merger Right for You?

Examine the trends over the last 20 years in the nonprofit sector with respect to strategic partnerships, mergers and consolidations.  Participants will review the different phases of the merger process from assessment to integration of a newly defined organization.

Understanding Certified B Corps

Certified B Corps are a global network of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Learn more about why Vista Global became a certified B Corp and how your business can join this global movement.

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