Teams are the catalyst for individual and collective transformation. With support, creativity, and accountability, great things happen. Vista Global offers team development solutions that identify team strengths and pathways to maximize team performance.

Enneagram Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Enneagram coaching uses a dynamic personality model to support individuals and teams to understand their core motivations driving habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting

While other assessments (Myers-Briggs, DiSC and CliftonStrengths) describe behaviors, only the Enneagram reveals the core motivation that drives behavior.  With Enneagram coaching, you will:

    • Increase self-awareness of individual and team strengths and growth areas
    • Establish a foundation for greater trust with team members
    • Enhance and improve communication skills to navigate conflict
    • Accelerate team attunement and alignment

For more information on the Enneagram for individuals and teams, visit the Vista Global blog series.

Team Development Solutions

Each team member brings unique value. Your job as a leader is to help team members apply their strengths and complement each other in a cohesive way. We provide customized team building workshops, programs and coaching packages to help you put the pieces together for a stronger, high-performing team.