Success Factors For a Nonprofit Merger - Webinar

A panel discussion of Mary Stelletello of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, Scott Schaffer of Public Interest Management Group, and Lindsay Fenlon, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Wisconsin  that highlights the characteristics that made this merger successful, the obstacles the partners overcame and lessons that many nonprofits can benefit from.

Leadership Advanced - Introduction

Leadership Advanced is an innovative approach to cohort-based and peer-centered leadership development, created by Mary Stelletello of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting and Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. Watch to learn the purpose behind this foundation-funded program. For more information, please visit:

Program Overview | Leadership Advanced

Meet the program facilitators Mary Stelletello of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting and Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. Learn the driving principles and goals of the Leadership Advanced program. Hear first hand accounts from participants about their experience. Is Leadership Advanced the right program for your grantee cohort? Learn more at

Peer Network Impact Interviews | Leadership Advanced

Learn the positive impact peer-learning has had on Leadership Advanced participants. Peers describe the mentoring that takes place both within the formal Leadership Advanced sessions and via LinkedIn Groups, ongoing socializing and networking. Is your foundation ready to fund peer-centered learning community for great impact? Visit

Benefits of a Mixed Cohort | Leadership Advanced

Most programs focus solely on Executive Directors or CEOs. Leadership Advanced provides a richer learning experience through a blended cohort of both Senior Managers and CEOs. This helps address the leadership development gap facing the nonprofit sector today. Is a mixed cohort the right approach for your leadership development initiative? Learn more at

Why Leadership Development Matters | Leadership Advanced

Watch participants describe how Leadership Advanced helped them gain self-awareness and grow into stronger leaders. Learn how the Leadership Advanced concepts, tools, and skills have been applied by program participants in their work. Want to learn more about the positive impact of Leadership Advanced? Visit

Get to Know the Facilitators | Leadership Advanced

Watch as Leadership Advanced participants describe the facilitation styles of Mary Stelletello and Steve Zimmerman. Participants describe the benefit of having facilitators who have run nonprofits and served on boards. Learn how Mary and Steve complement each other and respond to participants' learning styles. Are Mary and Steve a match for your leadership grant? Learn more at

Consultancy Sessions | Leadership Advanced

Participant Dan Magnuson of Lad Lake describes his experience benefiting from a Leadership Advanced Consultancy session. A unique program feature, during these sessions a participant poses a real-world challenge facing his or her nonprofit and the peer group crafts potential solutions. Would your nonprofit benefit from a similar consultancy? Visit

Your Journey Starts Here | Vista Leadership Institute

This video highlights some of key themes in Vista Leadership Institute, formally known as the Vista Leadership Academy. Want to see if the Institute is right for you? Click here to learn more about our programs.

Get Inspired by the 2016 Alumni | Vista Leadership Institute

The 2016 participants describe their Vista Leadership Institute experience, formally known as the Vista Leadership Academy. Get inspired by their testimonials about their journey. Want to see if the Institute is right for you? Click here to learn more about our programs.

Problem’s Facing Today’s Leaders | Vista Leadership Institute

What problems are today’s leaders facing? What will be the most important leadership skill in the 21st Century? How can you make a positive social impact in your life and work? Formally known as the Vista Leadership Academy, the Vista Leadership Institute was designed to answer these questions. Interested in learning more about the Institute? Visit our website at